Bonafide Legal Services is a law practice in Reykjavík, founded in 2009. The staff at Bonafide Legal Services deal with legal issues in all fields of law on behalf of individuals, businesses, public agencies, local governments, and clients abroad. In all their work, Bonafide Legal Services staff are guided by the principles of professionalism and high standards, integrity, and respect for the client.

Special emphasis is placed upon creative approaches and collaboration in order to resolve the issues dealt with by the practice’s staff. Good workplace morale and solidarity among the staff play a vital role in the daily work of Bonafide Legal Services.

Fields of work

The range of work undertaken by Bonafide Legal Services is extensive, like the law itself. These are some of the fields of law in which we specialise:

  • administrative law
  • advocacy in court
  • arbitration
  • asset administration
  • aviation law
  • bankruptcy
  • building/planning law
  • buying and selling of businesses
  • competition law
  • composition
  • constitutional law
  • consumer rights
  • contract law and contracts
  • debt mitigation
  • establishing a company
  • the EEA Agreement
  • European law
  • equality
  • family law
  • farming law
  • general legal services
  • guardianship ad litem
  • information law
  • insurance law
  • intellectual rights/copyright
  • labour law
  • law of contractors
  • law of energy and natural resources
  • law of financial businesses
  • legal defence
  • local government law
  • media and telecommunications law
  • mediation
  • mergers and takeovers
  • moratoria on debts
  • mortgage law
  • property law
  • securities law
  • social security law
  • sports law
  • sureties
  • tax law
  • tort law
  • transport and maritime law

Our team

We at Bonafide Legal Services are a strong, united team who take pride in finding the optimum solution for our clients’ issues.

Lúðvík Bergvinsson

Attorney at Law


Sigurvin Ólafsson



Þóra Gunnarsdóttir

Office Manager


In case of emergency or if you need to contact us outside business hours, feel free to call ( 354) 699 7923 or email bonafide@bonafide.is.